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SSHJM Zambia missionary development programme encompasses the work of two community-based organisations, Bauleni Special Needs Project (BSNP) in Lusaka, and Households in Distress (HID) Programme Northern Province.

About our work in Zambia

SSHJM Bauleni Special Needs Project (BSNP)


SSHJM Bauleni Special Needs Project (BSNP) is a centre and school for inclusive education that provides quality, holistic and accessible education for all, enabling students to learn and thrive, producing quality education outcomes, so learners become well rounded young people who will contribute positively to society. BSNP primarily targets children and youth with disabilities and orphaned and vulnerable children. BSNP supports 1,650 children and youth annually. BSNP provides the following inclusive services:


  1. Early childhood care and education (ECCE)

  2. Primary Education

  3. Secondary Education

  4. Therapeutic Services

  5. Home-based Care Programmes

  6. Business technical vocational educational training (BTVET) skills training for youth

  7. Weekly boarding for children with special needs

  8. Special education needs teacher training

  9. Advocacy on inclusive education, disability inclusion, child rights including safeguarding

  10. Social enterprise with numerous income generating activities


SSHJM Households in Distress (HID) Programme

SSHJM established the HID programme in 1991 in Mbala district in response to the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Northern Zambia. Since, the programme has evolved from a HIV/AIDS focused programme into a multi-sectorial development programme. The programme spans Mbala, Mpulungu, Senga, Kasama and Mungwi districts in Northern Province Zambia. Annually, the programme supports 2,800 individuals in sustainable livelihoods, 246 children in inclusive education, and reaches 2,300 people on human rights including women and children rights and human trafficking. The development programme encompasses the following work:

  1. Sustainable livelihoods programme including climate smart agriculture 

  2. Climate and environmentally resilient livelihoods practices

  3. HID learning and demonstration farm

  4. Victor Braun inclusive school

  5. Chele primary school

  6. Sunsuntilla orphaned and vulnerable child education and care centre

  7. Sexual and gender-based violence programme

  8. Advocacy on inclusive education, disability inclusion, women’s rights, child rights including safeguarding, trafficking, harmful tradition practices, early marriages etc.

  9. Social enterprise with numerous income generating activities

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